Christ Church of Beaver Springs
"To transform ordinary people into
thoroughly devoted followers of Christ"
Church Staff:

Administrative Assistant:  Kathryn Phillips

Custodians:  Kathy Morrison
    Gloria Moyer
About Us
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Church Council Officers for 2018

President:  Brent Ulrich
Vice President: Nathan Ulmer
Secretary:  Kay Phillips (not a council member)
Treasurer:          Pat Kline
Building Fund Treasurer:    Ruth Rigel (not a council member)
Trustees:   Barry Kramer, Adam Wert
Parsonage Trustee    Nathan Ulmer

2019 newly elected  Council Members:  Hazel Hoy Knuck Romig and Sonya Mellott.

Term expires in 2018                   Term expires in 2019                           Term expires in 2020

Pat Kline  Charlie ConnahanBarry Kramer
Christa DresslerElise Wert   Terri Coleman
Nathan Ulmer                                  Brent Ulrich                                              Lisa Kline

Skip Kline
Shane Eia
Derik Dressler

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Receptionist:  Hazel Hoy
Contact us at  P. O. Box 128
             Beaver Springs, PA  17812

or you can call us:  (570) 658-4312
Jim Matthews, Sr, Pastor
Jim Matthews has a passion for preaching the Word of God and equipping disciplemakers.

He has been married to his wife, Melanie, for 13 years and they have five adopted children, siblings from Colombia, South America. 

Jim was a youth pastor for nine years in Buffalo, MN.  He has also worked with Youth For Christ in Chicago suburbs.  Jim will be getting his Masters of Divinity from Bethel Seminary in St Paul, MN in December 2014.  Jim attended Grace College in IN and has his bachelors in Youth Ministry with a minor in Biblical Studies.  He has a desire to serve God by serving the church.  He is a licensed minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America.