Christ Church of Beaver Springs
"To transform ordinary people into
thoroughly devoted followers of Christ"
Christ Church is a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America.

Vision and Mission Statements

To transform ordinary people into
thoroughly devoted followers of Christ. 

The vision is what we will see as a result of the mission.  Our vision statement will simply state:

surrender, commit and reproduce

Core Values:   Members of our church took a survey a couple years ago to discover our core values (what we as a congregation value as being important) and it was determined that the top three are as follows:

* Godly servant leadership
* Bible-centered preaching and teaching
* People matter to God

Doctrinal Statement: 

We believe that the Bible is the authoritative, infallible word of God and is our standard by which we live and make decisions.

We believe there is one Creator, eternally existent as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who loves us and works together to save us.

We believe individuals are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ,

Who, being God, came to earth as man.  Jesus Christ is the foundation and focus of our church.

We believe that all those who confess, turn from their sins and accept Christ as their personal Savior have the promise of eternal life with Him.  These believers have a responsibility to witness and minister to others in the name of Jesus.

We believe that Marriage is recognized as the lifelong union of one man and one woman in a covenant relationship as God established in Genesis 2: 18-25.

Brief History of Christ Church:

Christ Church of Beaver Springs began as a German Reformed congregation that met on alternating Sundays with the Lutheran Church sharing the same church structure.  That structure was built in 1806 and was a two-story log structure located in the southeast corner of the old cemetery and served both the Lutheran and Reformed congregations in the community.   In 1885 our present building was built.   

The first service at Christ Church was held on Christmas Day in 1885.  When the new building was constructed, the congregation changed its name from Salem Reformed to Christ Reformed Church.   The congregation of one hundred members was very actively engaged in the work of their church.  There were six congregations organized as the Beaver Springs Charge (Christ Church, St. Pauls, Beavertown, Grace Church in Troxelville, Samuels, St. John's Ridge and Mt. Bethel, McClure) and they continued to meet just every other Sunday until 1958 when the joint consistory agreed to a division of the charge.  The Beaver Springs Charge consisted of three churches (Christ Church, St Paul's and Grace Church).

In 1959 Rev. Geraldine Shawda was called to the new Beaver Springs Charge.  It was now possible to have worship services every Sunday for the first time in the history of Christ Church.   In the fall of 1965 Christ Church became a single point congregation.  The Rev. Marion E. Smith was hired in 1968 and remained with Christ Church until 1984.  During this time a new addition was made to the church providing new Sunday School class rooms, a much larger and improved Fellowship Hall and kitchen and office space. 

Pastor David M. Meckley, a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, joined our congregation as pastor in July of 1985 and served well for 23 years.  During his tenure the congregation grew spiritually as well as physically.   Lay witness weekends, Focus Renewal Ministries, 50 Day Spiritual Adventures and the 40 Days of Purpose home groups served as effective means of spiritual growth .  The year 2002 marked a point in church history where the congregation voted to withdraw from the United Church of Christ and join the Evangelical Association of Reformed and Congregational Christian Churches.  Local and overseas missions remain key priorities for us.

December 2008 the church entered a new phase in its journey; a search committee formed to search for a new Sr. Pastor.  After about a year, Pastor Matthew Burris joined our congregation in August of 2009 as Sr. Pastor.  Matt resigned in March, 2012. 

Following a two year search, Christ Church hired Pastor Jim Matthews as its Sr. Pastor on June 1, 2014..

Beliefs and History