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The Missions Committee meets monthly, they make recommendations to the budget committee as to how the budget should be allocated to the missions we support.  They also decide what new missions to support and conduct special drives to collect money for those missions. 

We are always looking for volunteers to serve on the Missions Board.  If you would like to join the mission committee watch your bulletin for meeting dates.  Usually the first Thursday of the month at 7:15 pm.

Section A: Purpose and Authority of Christ Church's Missions Policy

   I. Purpose of the Missions Policy

       A. To establish clear guidelines, responsibilities, and direction for the Missions Team of Chris Church.
       B. To make decisions about missionary efforts based on accountability and sound doctrine, thus ensuring good stewardship of mission funds.

       C. To permit thoughtful evaluation of mission-related issues.

       D. To ensure cooperation and harmony between the Missions Team and church-wide leadership.

       E. To develop a loving accountability between Christ Church and the missionary endeavors we support.

       F. To orient and familiarize new Missions Team members with the general direction and procedures of Christ Church mission endeavors.

  II. Authority of the Missions Policy

        A. The Missions Policy provides general guidelines for the Missions Team and church-wide leadership about the wise use of missions resources and planning missions endeavors.

        B. Revision of the Policy

            1. Proposed changes to the Missions Policy may happen at any time.

           2. Official changes in the policy must be approved by both the Missions Team and Christ Church Council.

          3. All copies of the Missions Policy must be updated after the adoption of any changes.   Amendments to the policy must note the date of the revision.

Section B: The Missions Team

   I. Biblical Purpose of Missions

       The Bible tells us that the church's mission is to display the glory of God by declaring  the gospel to all peoples, by gathering churches in every place, and by filling them with disciples who obey God and will praise him forever for his grace (Isaiah 56; Matt. 28:18-20; Rom. 15.7-13; Eph. 3:8-11; Rev. 7:9-10).  Andy Johnson, Missions:How the Local Church Goes Global.

  II. Purpose of the Missions Team

      The purpose of the Missions Team is to aid in evangelizing and discipling people both overseas and United States subcultures, fulfilling the Great Commission by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    
   III.  Missions Team Responsibilities

         A. Develop and administer the missions budget for the support of missionaries, missions projects, and programs.

        B. Serve as a liaison between Christ Church and its related missions organizations, agencies, associations, and missionaries by sharing the experiences, stories, prayer requests, challenges, and advances of the gospel to the members of the church.

       C. Care for missionaries supported by the church, both on the field and on furlough. This could include:

1. Meeting specific needs of missionaries as they arise to the best of the Team's  ability.

       2. Sending special gifts to missionaries on specific occasions (year-end giving,  special  needs, Christmas, etc.)..

       3. Caring for or housing missionaries on furlough as the need arises.
       D. Carefully evaluate the doctrine, associations, and ministry philosophies of both  prospective and currently supported missionaries and mission groups.

       E. Encourage interaction between missionaries and the congregation. This could include:

        1. Encouraging letters, e-mail, social networking, or conference calls.

         2. Encouraging visits from missionaries to the church and the homes of church members.

        3. Creating an "adopt a missionary" program whereby individual families concern themselves with the spiritual and  practical needs of one missionary family.

        F. Develop vibrant intercessory prayer within the congregation for missionaries and mission endeavors by presenting news and needs via the pulpit, bulletin, Sunday School classes, testimony times, and/or newsletter.
       G. Educate and excite the congregation about missions. This could include:
           1. Targeting specific sectors of the church for special educational emphases
              (children, junior and senior high school, young adult, singles, married,
              elderly, etc.).

         2. Determining different methods of education (missions conferences, retreats,
              bulletin inserts, curriculum, speakers, films, library, special projects. etc.).

      H. Encourage members of the congregation to be more personally involved in inter-
          cultural missions. This could include:

          1. Having church leadership pray for God to raise up laborers.

          2. Encouraging participation in and sponsoring short-term mission trips and programs.

          3. Encouraging and supporting attendance at missions conferences and other missions
           enrichment opportunities.

          4. Looking to the discernment of church leadership to identify and confirm the calling and
               giftedness of persons within the congregation.

    5. Keeping accurate records of supported missionaries and mission endeavors, including                            histories of our interactions with them, newsletters, updates, and other communications.

Section C. The Missions Budget

    I. At Christ Church we feel a budget should be developed that reflects an ability to place discretionary  funds in the hands of the lay missions leadership to prayerfully and strategically invest. This provides a high level of ownership and ability for them to respond quickly to needs as they arise globally and among our supported missionary families.

   II. Establishing the missions budget: It shall be the policy of Christ Church to give at least 25% of it annual budget to  missions.       
    III. Special Missions Focus

           A. This is a contingency fund for special projects and needs.

           B. This category shall be at least 8% of the annual missions budget.

           C. At the discretion of the Missions Team, funds from the Special Missions Focus or Missions Conference/Equipping Events can be re-allocated to meet other needs.

    IV. Short-Term Missions

         A. Balance from this category carries over from year to year.

         B. The following percentages are recommendations for support for trips endorsed by the Missions Team.

  1. Fifty percent of expenses for a church member's mission trip, not to exceed $1,000.

          2. Percentages may be decreased if the number of church members desiring to go makes support cost prohibitive.

     V. Budget

        A. Accountability Considerations

The missionary is expected to do the following:

1.  Correspond with Christ Church on a regular basis.

2. Visit Christ Church while on furlough.

3. Remain faithful in his calling, doctrine and testimony.

       B. Budget Considerations

  1. Missions/missionaries already in the budget and not accountable to Christ Church shall be reviewed for continuation.

2. When considering new missions/missionaries, the Mission Team will be guided by Scripture  with careful attention to God's word in the following passages:

      James 1:5-15      Acts 6:3
      Proverbs 3:5-6                   Romans 12:9-21

          3. Members of Christ Church who are called to the mission field shall be given priority.

Proposed Mission Policy was accepted on November 4, 2018
Opportunities for short term mission work

There is an opportunity to go on a short term missions trip to help Kerry and Pat Oppel at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, NC. Pat conducts an event called JAARS Day which has a lot of activites and they need help with all phases of the event. There are three times a year this happens; March, June, and October if you would like to participate in this short term missions trip please contact Sonja Mellot.
Lion of Judah Academy
in Tanzania Africa

There are 2 trips are available one is May 6-21 or in July(the dates are subject to change) and the general cost will be $1500 to $2000 per person. While there you can help teach kindergarten to high school, preach or share your testimony, help with the after school prgram for elementary students, and different work projects. Team members are also encouraged to share your own project ideas! We would like to purchase tickets as soon as possible so please let Trina Eia know if you are interested or would like to minister in this way.